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Apr 27, 2019

Voices of TRS Youths

Voices of TRS Youth!

Recently, our Youth Team Athletes competed in the National Schools Bouldering Championships (NSBC) and National Schools Sport Climbing Championship (NSSCC). Among our team of athletes, six brought back medals! We decided to have a little chat with them to learn more about their competition mindset and what it takes to be a student-athlete with a balanced lifestyle in Singapore!

Introducing to you our 6 winners!

NSBC: Boulder Difficulty NSSCC: Lead / Toprope Difficulty
Shaine – C Division (Girls) Champion Shaine – C Division (Girls) 2nd Place
Denzel – C Division (Boys) Champion Denzel – C Division (Boys) 2nd Place
Axel – C Division (Boys) 2nd Place Levin – B Division (Boys) 3rd Place
Lucas – C Division (Boys) 3rd Place Pei Yan – A Division (Girls) Champion

Qn 1) How do you feel about your winnings in the recent NSBC/NSSCC?

Qn 2) What are some of the lessons learned from the experience?

Qn 3) How did you prepare yourself for the NSBC/NSSCC?

Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I felt that I could have done better for NSSCC, but I am very happy with my results for NSBC and I was on Cloud Nine!

Qn 2)  I learned that I should calm down and not rush even though I was nervous about my first NSSCC.

Qn 3) I did mobility exercises and had to be more aware of my breathing – I was very anxious and had sweaty palms!

Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I felt extremely delighted that I won NSBC and achieved a podium finish in NSSCC.

Qn 2) I learned that I need to steady myself before my climbs and focus solely on the route so that I can give my best shot at it.

Qn 3) I tried to do “Comp style” routes while climbing and tried to finish it in the least number of attempts as possible to train my decisiveness instead of anyhow whacking the routes for fun like I did before.


Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I am really happy to be able to get a podium finish for NSSCC.

Qn 2) I should not put too much pressure on myself when I’m climbing as it will affect my performance during competitions.

Qn 3) Other than my training, I went to other climbing gyms to try and expose myself to different types of routes as well as setting achievable goals for myself to push and reach my goals without feeling too disappointed if I did not manage to achieve them.


Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I would say that I am happy but not totally satisfied with my performance because I still feel there is a lot to improve on. I think one of the reasons I won was also because the competitors in A division are different and less experienced than when I was in B division.

Qn 2) Since this was only the third time I have been in finals since primary school, I wasn’t fully prepared and felt really anxious. As there was only one route for finals, there was one chance and I couldn’t retry or redeem myself if I did badly. As a result, I felt nervous while climbing so the stress probably distracted me from focusing on my climb. Thus, I think I learned that my mental state can affect me, and I should manage it better to perform my best.

Qn 3) In addition to my usual training, I tried to practice more top rope on my own for NSSCC. Mentally and emotionally I felt quite stressed because based on my experience in NSBC, I felt that I had the ability to do well in this division, so I was disappointed and didn’t want to make the same mistakes.


Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I feel contented about my achievements from the recent NSBC but not so much in NSSCC.

Qn 2) From recent competitions, I learned to be more observant and spot the different betas and techniques that could be used.

Qn 3) Just a few days before NSBC, I had to prepare myself to be comfortable with the discomfort especially with some of the climbing move which I found difficult but essential for NSBC. I also prepared myself during the competition by reading the routes and watching the others complete the route. I planned the routes which I wanted to climb in order and tried to find a way that would help me avoid the long queues that would be expected during the competitions.

Youth Team Athlete - Secondary

Qn 1) I feel satisfied with my overall results although I was a little disappointed as I wanted to win the competition.

Qn 2) From this competition, I learned how to control the excitement and anxiousness so as to not let these feelings affect my performance throughout the process.

Qn 3) To prepare myself for my first NSBC, I had to train hard and stretch regularly to release the tension between my muscles to enable me to become more flexible and watch my diet as I had to be in tip-top condition too excel in performance. I also had to be mentally prepared as I did not know how strong my fellow competitors were.


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